Outsourcing : The Elephant In The Revenue Cycle
Elephant in the room image

Outsourcing has always been associated with some form of stigma but with the healthcare industry facing shortages in labor like never seen before, events like the great resignation of the 21st century, and increasing operational costs bundled with shrinking profits, it may just be a blessing in disguise. A global RCM delivery solution may just be the answer to revive the market. Now as is the case with everything, there is a right way to do it and a wrong one. If done right, it can reduce costs by up to 60% and help the providers, clinics, and facilities become profitable and serve the patients and the community to the best of their abilities.


Globe Centrix opened its doors with the vision of helping the US healthcare industry by providing flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to improve patient care, as our way of giving back. With the majority of healthcare management now has become more favorable to outsourcing with the current labor shortage, it’s time to focus on quality.


Choosing the right global RCM partner is a multifaceted process and businesses have to keep a few factors in mind to have the best outsourcing experience. The first thing to remember is that global delivery is not only about cost savings. Yes, if correctly applied, it can save a huge amount of operational costs but it is important to check the infrastructure, hiring, and operating practices of the RCM partner. At Globe Centrix, we carefully analyze multiple geographies in India and pick our delivery center after factoring in things like language proficiency, neutral accents, cultural barriers, clinical/technical skills, natural disaster risk, compliances, and accessibility. Additionally picking locations that are already plush with RCM talent is an added advantage that leads to smoother transitions. Our offices are based in state-of-the-art facilities which are very secure, and nurturing for our staff and have all types of power and connectivity contingencies. The equipment used is best in class as well and follows all the protocols for the safe transmission of protected data. HIPAA should be just as important to your global delivery partner, as it is to you. That’s exactly why we take every precaution to follow all HIPAA guidelines and readily sign a BAA with the businesses we engage with. Finally, it is very important to choose a global RCM partner who makes the outsourcing process easy, fluid, and not consuming too much time. Globe Centrix prides itself on working on a different business model where we essentially become an extension of the providers, clinics, and facilities we work with. The staff at the overseas location works exactly in the same time zone and shift as their US counterparts, use the exact same technology across the board, and keep in constant communication with the on-site staff via audio/video conferencing; making the process a seamless extension of the practice.


As the need for patient care increases coupled with labor shortages and increases in administrative costs and technicalities, outsourcing along with a digital and RCM transformation is a need of the hour. US healthcare providers need to embrace with open-mindedness the idea of a global delivery system and invest in their future because let’s face it, we need them now more than ever in these challenging and ever-changing times of human history.