Prior Authorization (PA) is an essential part of pharmacy operations and plays a key role in shaping pharmacy sales. This article examines the impact of prior authorization on pharmacy sales and highlights key aspects of the process.

Impact of Prior Authorization on Pharmacy Revenue:

Increased Administrative Burden:

Prior authorization creates an additional administrative burden for pharmacies. Processing documents, obtaining necessary approvals, and navigating the approval process can consume valuable time and resources. The increased workload impacts the overall efficiency of pharmacy operations.

Delayed Reimbursements:

One immediate effect of prior authorization is the delay that it causes in dispatch and the consequent reimbursement. Pharmacies often have to wait for approval for certain medicines, which increases processing times. The delayed impact on cash flow can lead to financial problems for the pharmacy.

Impact on Patient Experience:

The prior authorization process can directly impact the overall patient experience. Patients may experience delays in receiving their prescription medications, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. A smooth and efficient prior authorization system is essential to maintaining a positive relationship between pharmacy and customers.

Navigating Insurance Challenges:

Prior authorization is often closely tied to insurance coverage. Pharmacies must navigate the complexities of different insurance plans, each with its own approval requirements. Streamlining the process requires clear communication between pharmacies, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. 

Adaptation to Changing Guidelines:

Prior authorization policies are often subject to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Pharmacies must remain agile and adapt to evolving guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid potential revenue loss.

Staffing issues due to large volumes:

Pharmacies need to check for approval before dispensing prescriptions, and with the large volume of orders received each day, it becomes tough to maintain adequate staffing. Often, there is a need to advocate for approval or appeal the denial of a particular drug, and having competent staff to address this in a timely fashion can directly impact a pharmacy’s revenue stream.


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With Globe Centrix, pharmacies can not only mitigate potential revenue losses but also elevate the overall quality of care, fostering a harmonious balance between financial stability and exceptional patient service.

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