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State of Coding Today

On average, clinics leave about 30% of the revenue on the table. Such inefficiencies arise out of human behavior, lack of well-defined process, and inability to submit sufficient claims for the services rendered. Globe Centrix helps customers in not only by improving revenue workflow but also by adopting innovative technology tools as part of everyday work.

One critical deficiency in the clinical revenue cycle is to optimally capture charges for the services provided. The introductions of new coding standards along with human fatigue result in lower claims. It is observed that clinics fail to charge for as many as one-third of the treatments provided. 

There have been significant improvements and deep insights into human languages and correlations to the medical coding standards. Commercially put, this is the artificial intelligence (AI) that learns and evolves from reading doctor’s notes and converting them to codes. 

However, such AI has been the prerogative of large healthcare organizations only. Access to such technology has been cost-prohibitive for most medical clinics in the US.

Medtro by Globe Centrix is changing it!

We are making our coding AI cost accessible for every clinic in the US. 

Medtro solves the problem of finding the most optimal codes for every treatment from your patient notes. Not all code combinations add up equally and finding the highest paying combination is a task for Medtro. The deeply insightful and brainy Medtro analyzes patient charts in real-time and provides the most beneficial billing codes. 

Our relentless pursuit of natural language learning, abstraction of relevant information, and correlation to the US medical codes has resulted in our neural network-based artificial intelligence, code-named Medtro, which promises to improve your claims effortlessly by as much as 30%.

We are signing up early adopters of Medtro. If you wish to participate in our early access program, please provide your email address below.

*Medtro is a tradename of Globe Centrix.

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