Process improvements can yield huge payouts

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A leading customized software and staffing company involved in revenue cycle management partnered with Globe Centrix to achieve revenue improvement targets by improving workflow processes.


Our client, a top vendor of outpatient information systems and revenue cycle management services, had a significant income loss due to workflow issues with their overseas revenue cycle vendor. The workflow was inconsistently managed, and there was little contact between divisions. Things, most notably revenue, were slipping between the cracks. As the company sought to redefine its business model, enhancing customer happiness was a top goal, and its management team turned to Globe Centrix for consultation.


Define the revenue cycle and its participants across multiple clinics. Define and implement measurable communication improvement goals and methods. Predict and measure revenue increase outcomes.


In our assessment, we determined that the issues leading to the problems were multifold. One, the divisions within the company worked independently – no internal communication. Second, the workflow across the revenue cycle was ad-hoc. And third, the top management was averse to process automation.

Globe Centrix revenue cycle consultants got to work designing the workflow and getting a comprehensive grasp of the customer’s business. The uncertainty of the workflow presented some issues, but a fully tailored solution was developed using Globe Centrix best practices, a workflow management platform, and needs-based complimentary services. The customer’s clients, the medical clinics, were divided into regions, each with its own staff in charge of overseeing the workflow from start to finish. Communication issues between departments such as A/R and Denial Management, for example, are resolved in a matter of minutes, removing the proverbial cracks.


  • Days to bill reduced by 19 %
  • Credit balance reduced by 14%
  • A/R > 90 days reduced by 11%
  • Collections improved by 21.5%