End to end revenue cycle services

Services and process automation across the reVenue cycle

Eligibility, Prior Auth, billing and A/r

The healthcare revenue cycle is a complex maze of administrative and clinical processes that are required to capture, manage, and collect the money for medical services rendered to patients.

We partner with healthcare organizations to improve and accelerate reimbursements, prevent denials, arrest revenue leakage, and improve the patient experience.

We help you get your revenue cycle back on track, reducing costs and driving revenue. Below is an outline of the services we provide along the entire spectrum of the revenue cycle.

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AI powered Revenue Cycle Management

Learn how our family of talented revenue cycle experts and AI-powered technology can help you shorten your revenue cycle and significantly reduce the costs of collection. The front-end services span from patient appointments to patient intakes. The mid-cycle services span from providing proper care to preparing claims. The back-end services span from claim submission to payments. Additionally, the real-time use of artificial intelligence allows our clients to improve their claim amounts. Ask us about our MedtroTM artificial intelligence services at info@globecentrix.com.

Front End


Mid Cycle

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