Life in Healthcare : The Globe Centrix Way

Globe Centrix Employee

Our jobs are an integral part of our lives, our identity, one can say. Some of us already know that and many of us will soon find out. Now, working in healthcare is a whole other story, albeit a very unique and rewarding story.


I have been working in healthcare for about 3 years now and having previously worked for many different industries, it still counts as my favorite job. There are many reasons for that for sure but the most important one would be the ability to help people. Really, help others and make a positive impact in their lives. And they are so grateful for it! Having worked in some form of customer service in various industries, many of us already know that customer service is a thankless job but what I learned at Globe Centrix is that, that’s not always true. It may be true for telecommunications or e-commerce but the patients and providers that I speak to on an everyday basis are so grateful and so pleasant to speak with that many of them have become like friends and family to me.


At Globe Centrix, the healthcare job only gets better. Not only do we get a fixed shift from Monday to Friday with the weekends off to spend on ourselves, which is the norm in the industry and an absolute blessing but the time spent at work is challenging and fulfilling too. There’s never a boring day in healthcare and we constantly get the opportunity to learn new things and increase our skillset and knowledge. Now, mind you that I do not have an educational background in medicine and you don’t need to be a genius to absorb this 500 kg of knowledge being thrown at you at 200 km/hr. You just have to be very mindful! It is a sensitive job because we are dealing with the lives of other human beings but it is trainable and learnable if one has the will, commitment, and dedication to be good at what they do. The industry definitely has a need for skilled professionals through the great pay package and abundant opportunities for growth offered, why there is a shortage, I will never know.


Healthcare is great and I absolutely love my job, but that also is hugely owed to the fact that I’m working as part of the Globe Centrix family. I kid you not when I say it’s #TheBestPlaceToWork. I don’t think I’ve felt like I’ve worked a day since the day I joined here. It’s been great since the first day; the people are really welcoming and the environment makes you want to stay. Positivity all around, best in class equipment to work on, parties and food for no reason, endless learning opportunities, and most importantly, people who treat you with respect, love, and understanding. For the experienced people, you know what I’m talking about and for the freshers in reading, you’ll soon find out how important it is. I think I can finally say that I’m at peace in life and I feel contented with my career. Though my colleagues keep motivating me to be the best that I can be and I can surely see myself growing here, if I’m being absolutely honest, the reason why I refer my friends and family to work at Globe Centrix is so that in their professional lives, they too can find peace, prosperity, meaning and purpose.