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Experienced coders and expert auditors in your team can help you improve patient care by flagging possible misdiagnoses, or suggesting better documentation practices. Sending quality data to the CDC, and other government agencies can improve your chances of receiving grants and funding.

Coding is a small, but essential part of the revenue cycle, and often the most daunting. From ICD-10 to changing payer trends there is a lot to take your focus away from your primary concern – the patient. Take advantage of Globe Centrix coding and auditing services to make your revenue cycle run like a well-oiled machine.

Our MedtroTM artificial intelligence platform can help optimize total claimed amounts. Ask us about our MedtroTM artificial intelligence services at info@globecentrix.com.

Following are the advantages of hiring Globe Centrix for mid-revenue cycle management:

  • Ensure ICD-10 compliance
  • Reduce A/R backlogs
  • Reduction in DNFB (discharged, not final billed) 
  • Better provider documentation
  • Reduction in turn-around time

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